Take My Gall Bladder… Please

      There is something that I have wanted to write about for a while now. I want to tell you about my first time. No, not that first time, nobody needs to hear about that. I want to tell you about my first time in an ambulance. It has been said that there is a first time for everything. At the end of August I had a day where I experienced a lot of firsts. I got to experience my first ride in an ambulance, as the patient in this case, but still my first time in an ambulance. It was the first time I’ve had an EKG. It was the first time I’ve had IV fluids given to me. It was the first time I’ve had morphine, or any serious drug for that matter. It was the first time I’ve hit a 10 on the pain scale. About a week later I got my first surgery (but more on that later). These are a lot of firsts that I could do without.

        My gall bladder has been with me since birth. Like most people it has peacefully coexisted with me since that time. However, after almost 34 years of being a good gall bladder and cohabiting with me through it all, my gall bladder decided that it’s time for us to part and go our separate ways.

        I usually pick up the kiddos in the evening from daycare and then we drive home. About five minutes into the way home I couldn’t drive anymore. It felt like I had to throw up. I was in some severe pain the rest of the way home. To her credit my queen thought I should go to the emergency room. I insisted that I just needed to go home. It felt like some really bad gas, but worse than any gas pain I’ve ever experienced. When we got home I was on my knees, hanging over the porcelain throne, and crying from the amount of pain I was in. My queen called a neighbor bishop to help out with the pawns and such. It was at this time the vomiting began. I think the vomit was just because of the sheer amount of pain my body was in, it didn’t know what else to do.

        The bishop, whose help I’m extremely grateful for, decided it was best to call for an ambulance. The queen stayed home with the pawns, and the bishop accompanied me to the hospital and stayed with me throughout. As far as ER experiences go, this one was phenomenal. I had an entire array of tests done very quickly and efficiently. After some examination it was determined that I had “a lot of gall stones”, according to the ER doctor. I was sent home with a shelf load of prescriptions and a referral to a surgeon would remove my gall bladder in the near future.

        The entire time I was going through this I couldn’t help but laugh, when I wasn’t crying from the pain. I was laughing because all I could think about was how this entire experience was going to make a great blog post, possibly two or three posts. On the upside I got to have some much needed time off of work. I caught up on some reading and did some writing. I also put together the start of what might be a web comic, I may launch that soon. On the downside I had some dietary restrictions put into effect for a few days, one of which was no coffee. I had a headache from the caffeine withdrawals. I may never forgive my gall bladder for taking away my coffee. I hope you enjoyed this little tale of firsts, look for the follow up post soon.



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  3. Glad I’m not the only one who sees life in the form of blog posts. Hope everything turned out okay.


    1. Fortunately everything turned out well after the surgery.


  4. billiamholt · · Reply

    I empathize. I had a similar experience with my appendix. Hope your recovering well. Love the Big Lebowski also.


    1. Our bodies are just full of stuff trying to kill us. The recovery was fine. Totally good now.

      Yeah, it’s a great movie.


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