Forced Diets

This is part two of the Take My Gall Bladder Please story.

So it is a very weird thing being on a diet, especially when it’s a forced diet. It forces one to take a very different view point of the world when going about something as simple as buying lunch. When I learned that I had a number of gall stones I had to drastically change my diet leading up to and after the surgery. I had to stay away from eating anything greasy or overly fatty or highly spicy or acidic. This meant that I was mostly reduced to vegetables, fruit, pasta, and breads. It’s not that this stuff isn’t available, but I had to make a very conscious effort to have only those things.

        At first glance this doesn’t seem entirely difficult. But one quickly realizes that cheese is out. In fact most dairy is out. No matter you say, just order without cheese. This is more difficult than it seems, and the glances you get when you ask for no cheese are almost judgmental in its nature. But cheese isn’t the biggest problem even. There are condiments on almost everything. No mayo, no ketchup, most dressings out. My first inclination was to eat mostly salads. But try ordering a salad without dressing, or cheese, the looks are downright sideways. I could have pasta, but marinara sauce is almost a bit much, crazy right?

For one of my lunches I settled for a chicken sandwich with just lettuce and tomato. I soon found that the easiest and more cost effective to buy my lunches from the grocery store and assemble from there. But it goes beyond the food I am, or was, eating. Now I have to consider what I drink. Where can you go that soda isn’t the most recommended beverage that is practically shoved down your throat? Well soda is out. I don’t mind water, but I’d rather get it from the water fountain than to pay for overpriced bottled water. Where does one find a water fountain? Fortunately my office has a sink with tap water. That has sufficed. Juice is okay. But coffee, oh my sweet dark mistress, I had to live without you. Eventually I was allowed to have coffee again, and booze, but by the time I was able to drink it again I was long over my caffeine addiction. I’m not sure I want to return to such dependencies, no matter how much I love the dark stuff. Beer I will eventually enjoy again, but that I will miss much as well.

        I said farewell to pizza, bacon cheeseburgers, lasagna, philly cheesesteaks, french fries, chicken wings, and all the other tasty stuff I wished to down on a daily basis. I returned to you eventually. But in the mean time I had smoothies for breakfast, soups for lunch (not cream based), and was sensible and light. Post surgery was even lighter fare for the first few days. But I was okay with that as long as my gallbladder was no longer trying to kill me.


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