The Artifact

Sold to the lady with the lovely eyes…. credit – Cold Colors by Neil Gaiman

They were smokey, her eyes. They hinted, as if they knew what they just purchased. As if they knew the secrets of the just surfaced artifact. Her eyes were perceptive. They pierced through every buyer in the room, especially the men. Weaklings and fools they all became under her gaze. She held their bids at bay with a single flutter of her razor sharp eyelashes.

The auctioneer stepped aside, helplessly staring. She lifted his body to the side with a mere sideways drift from the glowing orbs in her head. She picked up the unnamed object and coveted it deeply. It was older than time but she somehow knew its ways. She casually glided out of the room and it was then that the trance everyone was under was lifted.

Everybody had quite forgotten themselves as they tried to shake the fuzziness from their minds. They tried to remember what they were bidding on and who won the bid. Her eyes made sure they forgot. The crowd moved on as they heard the words, “The next item up for bid…”

She wrapped the object carefully so that The Others would not see it. She knew they would be looking for it. They all would be. But she found it first, it was hers and hers alone. She needed to act quickly to unlock it’s powers, before it fell into the wrong hands. The wrong hands being anybody’s but hers.

He walked down the street like a cloud. As he floated by people were transfixed by his smile, especially the women. That was his power. She had her eyes, he had his smile. He knew that she had found the object. He felt it’s power too and had been seeking it. They all were, even The Others with all their fantastic gifts were still a bit too greedy for their own good. He had a fix on her location and was moving toward her as quickly as his legs could carry him.

She approached Times Square and was getting ready to head for the subway when she saw him. He flashed his smile and her gaze was fixed on him. Their powers were weaker on each other but they had some sway. He approached her as smoothly as a bowling ball down a lane. She braced her mind for his arrival. “You found the artifact?” He asked. “You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t already know the answer to that.” she answered.

“Let’s have it then.” He prompted her with his hand, smiling the whole time. “You must know that I won’t give it up without a fight.” She steeled her stare upon him as she spoke.. “Do you really want to do this the hard way?” He flexed as the words left his lips. “It seems like that’s the only way.” She smiled even more as she place the artifact on the ground between them.

“The Others will not let you get away with the artifact.” “That doesn’t mean I can let you have it. I know how to unlock its secrets. When I do, The Others will not be able to stop me.” “I can help you.” “I agree, you can help me by leaving me be.” “You know I can’t do that. I must be the one to harness the artifact.” “Then do what you must, I will stop you from taking it.”

Around them, Times Square was frozen. As they focused their powers on each other time had slowed to a crawl around them. Humans had become an inquisitive lot, but their world could be bent for the purposes of those who knew how to do such things. They removed their jackets and spread their wings before each other. His were a passionate purple with a sheen of magenta and as he took to the sky his voice rang out. “Reveal yourself to me Shyla! Let us discard our petty mind tricks and settle this matter once and for all!” She shot into the air and leaned into his direction. Her wings were a playful pink, with a clear shine as bright as the sun. “The artifact is mine, and soon The Others will fall before me!”

The sonic boom could not be heard by the humans below them, but it made it’s impact on the various building windows as they flew towards each other with the utmost speed. When their fists collided they were each knocked back more than three city blocks. They sprang back in each others direction and hastily traded blows. A block here, a fist there, they grappled with extreme precision and would not give the other a single inch. She locked his arm and broke it. He swept her legs mid-air and as she came back around he crushed her solar plexus. As the wind left her lungs she recovered with her knuckles upon his chin and he spiraled to the ground.

She dove after him and drew her knees to the back of his head as he made contact with the concrete. He did not get up. She dragged his broken body to the nearest alley. He would recover, but he would not bother her anymore. She placed his coat over him and left him in the shadows. She dusted the rubble from the impact off of her. She put her coat back on, picked up the artifact, and smiled. She began to make her way underground and took one last look behind her. The world started moving again. The humans baffled, but unharmed, by the wreckage around them.

She slipped onto the next train and headed toward her destiny.


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