So I’ve got a few updates here.

1) I’ve figured out a title for my book. Yeah the one I’ve been posting unedited chapters of on this blog. I took some time off of my book but I’m picking it back up as of this moment. So if you are enjoying the read so far look for more chapters to come in “The Other Side of Darkness”

2) I did a couple of contests, one at Halloween which I’ve already posted about. Another at Christmas which I didn’t post about. I didn’t win either contest but I’ll post the original stories as soon as possible. There is a poetry contest for Valentines day coming up. I’m going to throw something together for that. I’ll try to let you all know about it as soon as possible so you can vote for me if you feel so inclined.

3) I submitted this work to this project. It will be interesting to see if it gets accepted. It would mean being published and I can’t see how that could be a bad thing. They were really vague on what would be an appropriate submission, so I’m not even sure if what I provided would be what they are looking for.

4) More book stuff. Like so many of my ideas this one came while I was running one day. In addition to figuring out the title I’ve mapped out the story line for the rest of the book. I’m pretty sure I’ve got the middle and ending all worked out. I just need to write it. I’ve also figured out that it’s going to be a trilogy and I have a pretty good idea about what the next two books will entail and even about how it is going to all end eventually. I always thought that the book would be just a story by itself and there would be no hope for a sequel. But after I figured out the ending I realized that it couldn’t end there. I fussed with myself for a while about how I would continue it and then it hit me like the lactic acid building in my legs during a run. So I expect to be doing two more books after this one.

5) By now you may have seen Raincloud and Whirlwind #1. It is my very poor attempt at drawing. I’ve had the idea for this comic for a while.  It is about two friends (Raincloud and Whirlwind, obviously) and their misadventures as they bring about nature’s wrath. #2 is already completed and will be posted soon. I’m going to try to make it a once a week thing but we’ll see how that pans out. I have an idea for another comic as well, but I would love some feedback on this one first.



  1. I’ve started entering contests also, and I’d love to know more about the ones you’ve found!


    1. Oh of course. I use Google+ a bit. One of my friends, Adrianna Joleigh, runs a site, with David Kent, on WordPress called A Writer’s Gallery. http://awritersgallery.wordpress.com/
      Both contests have been there. The next one is a poetry contest for Valentines day. It might be perfect for you.


      1. Thank you! I’ll see if I can come up with anything! 🙂


  2. While no plan survives first contact with the enemy (or writing), having done the preparatory thinking such as you have will certainly result in a drastic increase in the odds of a successful outcome.

    Great work.


    1. Thank you for stopping by and the comment. I always love the comments the most.
      I find a lot of my plans go awry, especially when I’m writing because the more I write the more ideas I get for future writing.

      Thanks again.


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