Maybe I’m the crazy one…

When I got up yesterday it was 5 degrees out. That’s Farenheit, the Celsius conversion is -15 in case you’re wondering. I packed the extra warm gear for running because I thought, “Just in case”. By the time I got to work it was a balmy 8 F. The outlook was not good. When lunch came around and I was in the locker room I ran into one of my co-workers, who was staying inside the gym. The conversation went something like this.

Co-worker: You going outside?

Me: Yeah.

CW: You’re a braver man than me.

Me: I just can’t stand staying inside.

CW: It’s awfully cold out though.

Me: Still better than staying inside.

CW: You sure about that, mate. (Imagine a thick Australian accent)

Me: I’ve got plenty to bundle up with. I just never liked being inside, no matter what the weather.

CW: When’s the last time you had a psychiatric evaluation?

Me: Ha, have a good work out. I’ll see you later.

CW: That remains to be seen.

So I went for my run. It turned out quite well. I didn’t completely freeze. Most of the run I was decidedly alone. There was no one on the trails, bikers or runners or otherwise. Towards the end, when I really started to warm up I was starting to think that I wouldn’t see anyone. I thought maybe I am the crazy one. Then about a quarter mile from my destination I ran into three people wearing visibly less clothing than me. The seemed happy and out of breath, but they kept on running. Perhaps I’m not so insane after all. Here is the after shot of me braving the Polar Vortex. For reference I had on long running pants, a long sleeve t-shirt, a hooded sweatshirt, a face mask, and a stocking cap to stay warm. It really was great run.



  1. It is relative sure. Guess my bit of jealousy was wanting you to quit complaining. hah.I should just move… to bad my husband wants to stay here in the arctic (not really manitoba Canada, same thing right?) forever… too bad.


    1. That’s about as close to the arctic that you can be and not actually be there. I heard you got almost two warm days this year…


  2. oh kay! it was -22F here today and everyone was saying that it was warm. (by warm I mean warmer than the -40F we have been experiencing in the last 10 days or so) Enjoy your -15F


    1. It’s relative though isn’t it. For Minnesota -35 is expexted. For DC it generally doesn’t dip below +20. So to get into sub zero range is rather cold for us.


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