TOSOD Chapter 7

As Marek took control of the dragon he looked about to the other two that were reducing the city to rubble. One was flying on the outskirts of the city picking up people and tossing them about like chips at a poker table. The other was releasing fireball after fireball setting buildings ablaze with no remorse. Everyone, men, women, and children, were being burned alive in droves. It was total carnage.

Marek swung his dragon around and made for the dragon that setting things ablaze. There was a pause from this dragon as he chose his next target. He seemed unaware of his kin speeding towards him. The dragon snarled and went into a diving spin after a quick rise in altitude. As he dove he let loose a torrent of fire that Marek could feel from his position. The dragon seemed be intent on reducing one particular building to ash.

As Marek approached he realized which building it was. It was the hospital. So many people gathered in one place, there was no possible way they all got out. His heart fell as he realized that Miranda was in there and that she was now dead. Almost immeadiately he was fueled by anger. An anger that was enhanced by the dragon he was controlling. He could almost breathe fire himself. He screamed in pain and his dragon steed screeched to mimic his feelings. When they were upon the other dragon the teeth of Marek’s ride sunk deep into his opponent’s neck. Both dragons thrashed and writhed as their claws began slicing each other’s underbellies. Marek could feel each gash that was opening his own dragon’s skin. But he kept control of his dragon and kept his teeth around the other’s neck. The teeth were sinking deeper and deeper into the brute’s jugular. Dragon’s blood was spraying out everywhere as both animals were quickly killing each other. Marek had his dragon release the hold on the other and started to attack its wing. With each swipe of its mighty talons Marek’s dragon was forcing the other to lose altitude. Finally when the other dragon could barely keep aloft Marek’s dragon let out all the rage he had been feeling from seeing Miranda’s demise. Fire that was the blue of the deepest sapphire was unleashed upon the falling dragon. The heat nearly knocked Marek off his own dragon. There was a thunderous crash as the charred remains of his enemy plummeted to the ashy ground below.

Marek’s dragon was having trouble flying at this point. But he gathered his strength and made a turn for the third dragon. The battle that had just ensued had not gone unnoticed by the final dragon. Having realized the injury inflicted by the one dragon upon the other this dragon turned and sped away from the city, seemingly in the direction of the Island of Smoldoun.

Marek’s own dragon was dying. He guided it towards the city limits and landed in some soft sand. Once they landed he released the straps that bound him to the dragon’s neck. He slid off and pulled out the sword and crystal. The dragon growled in relief. Marek stepped back and took stock of the dragon’s wounds. While he managed to avoid any bites from the other dragon there was plenty of damage done. The claw marks up and down his chest and under carriage were damaging enough. Blood was steadily pouring with no clotting in sight. The dragon which was once a shimmering gold color was now fading into a dull yellow.

Marek approached the head of the dragon. Its eyes were no longer red but a pale green. It was breathing slowly and heavily. Marek put his hand upon the snout of the dragon and stroked in the direction of its facial scales. The dragon seemed soothed. It knew that it was dying with each heavy breath. The dragon raised its head slightly and Marek could see the remorse in its eyes. Suddenly he heard a voice in his head.

The voice was wheezy as his might have been if his strength was waning. It was the voice of the dragon. Somehow it was reaching into his mind with the last of its power.

Marek, my time is almost done. I am sorry that my life is ending in this way. We dragons did not want to attack your city. We were under the control of a great evil and did not even know it.

Marek, almost instinctively, reached back with his mind.

How are you doing this? How do you know my name, and how are we connecting like this?

Please, I do not have much time. The crystal you used allows me to do this; once a being is connected to a dragon it is always connected. Even though I am no longer under your control, my thoughts will always be able to reach yours. You will always feel my fire and I will always know your secrets, including your name.

The dragon heaved and rolled to its side. His life had almost left him. Marek reached out again.

Please stay with me dragon. Tell me what is happening.

Our race received a visitor. He appeared to be in distress. While we wanted to preserve our privacy he convinced us to help him. He promised he would be on his way as soon as possible. We did not know that he wanted nothing less than total domination. He has been controlling our nation for some time, using us to complete his bidding. Thank you for releasing me from this bondage. It is our greatest shame that our race has been brought to this low. I must…I must rest now. Thank you once again.

The dragon was suddenly silent and his eyes were now closed. Marek screamed with his mind.

Dragon! Dragon! Please do not leave me. Tell me more. I must know your secrets. Dragon! Please!

There was low grumble and groan from within the dragon. It shook the ground and the dragon rolled and was almost upon its back with its feet turning towards the air. His tail began to curl and a huge sigh was released.

Marek… The voice came weakly

Marek… my name… my name is Razoun…please…remember…remember my name.

            Almost as if steam was being released from a teapot, a high pitched emanated from the dragon and a final breath was exhausted from Razoun’s body. He was dead, he would not move again. Despite Marek’s efforts he could no longer feel a mind to reach out to. Marek knew that Razoun would speak no more. Marek was suddenly weak in his knees and he collapsed upon the ground. He wept uncontrollably for all that he had lost that day.

dragon riding

Image Credit: Riding a Dragon by LucidFusion

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