So I have been doing some reading and not enough writing. The result of that is I am now writing this. But what is this? Well, this is me promoting some of the awesome things I have been reading.

The first is Tipsy Lit. If you don’t know what Tipsy Lit is about, you should find out, and then you should join them, even if you don’t drink. Once you do join you should check out this really neat thing they are doing to help promote the blogs and writing of all their members.

The second thing is colleenvon. Colleen has started this prodigious story, that remains untitled. I can’t tell you what it’s about, I can only tell you to start at the beggining, here. Then you should read Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six. Then you should follow her so you can keep up with the story, I know I will.

There are a couple of other things, like The Purple Morrow, by Dyane Forde over at Dropped Pebbles. Also I’ve been reading Paper Cuts by Riley Akers, or you may know her as Mary over at The Write Way. You may remember the guest post I did for her. For both of these books I intend to do full reviews so I’ll refrain from giving you too much about them right now. Just know that they are both excellent and deserve to be read. If you join Swoon Reads please give Riley a good review. She deserves it for all the hard work she has put into this book. And if you really like it I hear she is working on a sequel. The Purple Morrow also has a sequel in case you are interested.



  1. Interesting… I was just reminded about tipsylit by one Duncan Swallow. Must head over to check that out.


    1. Yeah it’s really great stuff. I think you’ll enjoy it.


  2. colleenvon · · Reply

    I can’t believe you put me up here! I can’t say thanks enough. 😀


    1. Pppffffffsssshhhhh. Go on girl you totally deserve it.


  3. Thank you for spreading the word about Tipsy LIt! 🙂 I’ll be giving this post some Facebook space a la the program:

    The program…that sounds kind of Matrixy. I like it.


    1. Sweet merciful biscuits!!! (Obscure reference time: This day just gets better and better. I got promoted by Tipsy Lit and I got promoted at work.


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