21 Things I Irrationally Love

So this was not my idea but I liked it so much I couldn’t help but use it for my own. I heard by way of Jackie that this started with Aussa who likewise stole it from other talented writers like SamaraBethAngelle, and Daile. While some of these are variations on a theme, all of them are now followed by me based on my own discoveries of their work. Regardless, if you don’t like this idea or this post feel free to blame Jackie.

So without further ado: 21 Things I Irrationally Love

1. Thunderstorms – I mean not just the little rumblers. I love the big booming ones where the lightning lights up every room of your house that has a window no matter how tightly the blinds are drawn. I especially love it when that’s the only light you get because inevitably the power has been knocked out.

2. The heat – The sunnier and the hotter the better. Not that crappy heat where it’s all humid and 90 feels like 100. I mean a nice dry heat where 110 feels like 110 in the shade and you can’t escape the burning rays of the sun. I want to be out on the beach in this kind of heat on an exhaustive run where I can’t get enough water.

3. Running – All the stuff about it. The pain, the soreness, the slowness, the quiet, the lonieness, the trails, the road, the view. I can’t get enough of it.

4. Books –  Big fat ones that drone on and on about some imaginary world that makes no sense what-so-ever. Huge piles of these books would be great. A whole library full of them. There is nothing quite like that new book smell.

5. Snakes – I often dream of being swallowed by a snake (Don’t look at me like that.)

6. Oreos – Those delicious little heart attack waiting to happen cookie sandwiches will be my downfall.

7. Driving cross-country alone – I’ve done it 6 times both ways. There’s something about sleeping at a rest stop and knowing that if you were kidnapped and killed no one would ever find your body that really makes one feel alive.

8. Sleeping outside of a bed – The couch, the floor, a sleeping bag under the stars, a towel on a secluded beach. All of these give me a better night of sleep than my bed.

9. Mathematics – Some just love to hate it. I love to love it in all it’s various forms. I love all the horrible math puns and jokes that go along with it too.

10. Richard Simmons – That man is an inspiration. Period.

11. Human Resources work – There is something invigorating about pouring over volumes of law text that even the stoutest Harvard lawyer would find dry, interpreting that text, turning that interpretation into company policy, explaining it to the manager in layman’s terms, being told that I’m wrong, and then citing the law I just poured over, and then never being thanked for helping the manager avoid a huge lawsuit. God I love that.

12. Bowling – That’s just good clean fun.

13. Bad movies – I’m not talking about Titanic bad. I’m talking about Troll 2 and Secret Agent 00 Soul level. I just love the cheese.

14. Chess – The depth, the intrigue, the 6 hour games. It’s practically riveting in every sense.

15. Playing with fire – I know I might get burned, but that’s the thrill.

16. Baseball – I pay for nine innings. I show up for the first pitch and I stay until the last out. If the game goes into extra inning, well that’s just free baseball in my opinion.

17. Blogging – Well writing more so in general. I love the bleeding at the keyboard, pouring out your heart and soul, the inevitable rejection, the wrestling matches with editors. But then again well-adjusted people rarely make good writers.

18. Bad books – Bad writing in general. It always makes me feel better about my own writing.

19. Rain – I’m Only Happy When it Rains

20. Rebecca Romijn – Even before she fixed that gap between her front teeth.

21. Circuses – The lights, the clowns, the crowded seats, and overpriced snacks. Yep all of that please.

Love it


  1. […] of you may remember a recent post, 21 Things I Irrationally Love. In that post I expounded upon some stuff that I love, but that may not be for everyone. One of […]


  2. Ha -what I love about this list is that I either LOVE or HATE the things on it – really not a lot of inbtwn (maybe a few). Like I LOVE rain and big huge tomes of awesomeness …but the thought of a snake swallowing me or being at a circus makes me break out in a cold sweat.

    I love bad movies and Oreos but I hate driving and driving alone is the worst.

    As a math person – you must read “A Short Stay in Hell” by Stephen (Steven?) L Peck. You just must… but it’s only 98 pages – but much of it will appeal to your mathy bookish self.


    1. I have not read this book, but now I must. I’m on Amazon right now, previewing it. Thank you for the very solid recommendation.

      On the subject of my loves, they are irrational for a reason I suppose. Most people read this list and said something like “HR???” I’m actually queuing up an entire post on just my love of HR.

      As always, thank you for coming by and reading and commenting. It’s always hugely appreciated.


      1. I just realized I was not getting email notifications of your posts and changed that – I was confused b/c I was seeing ‘themathmaster’ but not realizing your blog has a different name. RECTIFIED!

        I already knew you liked HR from previous bizarro conversations we’ve had 🙂

        I’ll be stopping by more frequently now!


      2. Sweet. I look forward to it.


  3. What’s irrational about loving Oreos?! They are a staple food.


    1. Well they make sense to me, but perhaps not everyone.


  4. New friend-
    I am ridiculously happy to see this list.

    This all started when a different list was circulating: “21 Things I Irrationally Hate.”
    I needed to keep my life on a positive tip. So, I decided to create the opposite.

    And for some reason, it caught on. Love prevails. And while it really doesn’t even matter who started it, or why, I just feel really good that something I did is giving others a chance to reflect on some of the things, many of which are free and totally within our grasp on a daily basis, that we can feel gratitude for.

    I love several of the same things on your list. Blogging, books, heat, Oreos – and of course, math.
    Can you expand on the “playing with fire”? I mean, I know you’re not an arsonist. Do you mean, as in building campfires?

    Are there math-ish posts on your blog?

    And thanks to Beth for coming up with “new friend.” She’s awesome, as is the whole group of bloggers you’re now hanging with.

    Write on!


    1. “New friend” – I like the sound of that. Hooray for new friends!!! 🙂

      I’m happy that you’re happy, staying positive is extremely important, so kudos to you for bringing this list in a new direction. I whole heartedly approve. Cheers to love and prevailing and all that happiness.

      Oh I’m no arsonist, the whole fire thing is really just a metaphor for taking risks, even if they are calculated risks. But on the terms of an actual fire, sure camp fires could be one such risk, and when it’s nice and crackly I like to take a stick and poke at it, or wave my hand over the flames or walk across the hot coals barefoot. Stuff like that, i.e. playing with fire.

      No mathish posts yet, I’m sort of focusing on other stuff. But I got my BA in Mathematics and I really like scouring the internets for random math problems to solve for fun. I read math journals for significant results, etc. I just love math, it calms me in certain ways.

      Beth does seem pretty awesome, well all of you seem pretty awesome. I’m going to do my best to keep up with all the new reading material I now have flowing through my stream. 🙂


  5. HR? Math? Clowns? You cray-cray! But I’m right there with ya on thunderstorms, driving across country (YES) and sleeping in non-beds!!!


    1. Well my day job, some might call it a career is HR work, so it’s become an irrational love of mine. I got my BA in Math so that will always hold a special place in my heart, even if I never use my degree – who does anyway? I’m probably a little crazy though, but what writer isn’t?

      Well at least we can enjoy the thunderstorms and sleeping anywhere but a bed. 🙂 Thank you for coming by and commenting. It was a real treat being introduced to your blog.


      1. Aw, thank you 🙂 And I suppose it’s a good thing that you enjoy your job! I know our lead HR person at the hospital really loves what she does and it’s a definite benefit for the rest of us!


      2. You’re very welcome. And I really do love my work, even if it is a thankless job. I know it’s an important one and I know that I help people, so it’s good work. 🙂


  6. Number 7 makes sense to me. Number 9 – yuck. But for baseball, and the love of baseball, I will give you my total adoration.


    1. Somehow I missed replying to this comment. That’s very unlike me. Well at least we can enjoy baseball together. It really is great isn’t it?


      1. Feels like summer already.


  7. Now this is a great list! Except math, ugh numbers and I don’t get along at all. Or beer. Sorry, just not a beer person. I tried chess a few times, if I would just play a lot more I might get half decent at it. Otherwise, your list rocks! 🙂


    1. Well not all math is numbers, but I understand your disposition. Quite frankly if I were to teach math I would start with the theory and then teach how the numbers fall into place and how they sometimes don’t. Most math is taught the otherway around and it’s just a darn shame. And beer, well we all have our vices, for some the taste is off putting and that’s okay. Chess does take time. Hell I play it a lot and I’m still not half decent in my opinion, but these are irrational right?

      Thank you for letting me steal the idea and thank you for checking out my list and commenting and all that jazz. It really does mean a lot to me.


      1. Hey I stole the idea too, so great ideas are worth stealing. And of course I had to check it out. We thunderstorm lovers have to stick together. 🙂


      2. I was once told to not worry about protecting my ideas, that if it’s a really great idea then I would have to shove it down people’s throats just to get them to listen. But maybe that’s just not true in this case. At the very least there’s something about great minds thinking alike to be remembered here.

        Thanks again thunderstorm friend.


      3. It really isn’t true in this case about stealing ideas. So glad you stole it. And you are quite welcome 🙂


  8. kelseyjordangw · · Reply

    You had me until math, chess and baseball 😛 Chess I haven’t learned, math I hate (love to hate need not apply) and baseball…If anything it makes for good napping material, like jazz or golf.
    #19 is the reason I’m looking at certain places in the country to live. The more rainfall the better.
    Now I want to make a list of things I love. I won’t…at least not today because that just seems like I’m copying you. I would be, but I can at least pretend I’m not by waiting, right?


    1. Well, math isn’t for everyone, these are irrational (insert math joke about irrational numbers here) things after all. Chess takes time, and that’s not exactly a luxury that everyone is willing to pay, I don’t hold it against you in the least.
      And baseball has a deep place in my psyche due to my youth (explained in this post: https://themathmaster.wordpress.com/2013/10/04/baseball/) so you’ll have to let me have that one. But then again I love a good jazz fest too, maybe there is something wrong with me.

      Perhaps Seattle is the place for you, or Hawaii, I’m told there is lots of rain in both places.

      Feel free to copy away. No one will think less of you. Although to be fair I drafted this last night after seeing the original post and waited until today to get it out to the world.

      Thank you for coming by and commenting. As always I love the interaction.


      1. kelseyjordangw · ·

        Funny enough Seattle is at the top of my ‘places to move’ list. At least it’s at the top of my places to move in the States list. I haven’t quite gotten up the nerve to contemplate the logistics of moving abroad.
        More than welcome! Nothing worse than the feeling of talking to yourself. Unless you’re me and then you’re just talking to the people in your head.


      2. I never imagined myself moving abroad I’m sure it would be all kinds of crazy to do so. But if it’s to a place you love, then more power to you. I vote for Seattle though. I don’t mind talking to the people in my head but we seem to have the same conversations a lot of the time 🙂


  9. Looking forward to your future posts, as well. You rock. 🙂


  10. Niiiiiiice! I love when I read other’s lists and I’m like, “Damn I should’ve put that on my list, too!!!” I’ve read a couple of these posts this week and I genuinely enjoy them. I love what you wrote about running. I suck at cement running, but I can trail run for hours. Literally. It’s one of my favorite things and I wish I’d mentioned it on my post. When I made my list, I hadn’t been running in quite a while. I went this past weekend and ran a 5K trail run in Arkansas. (not a race, that was just my distance). I could’ve done it twice. AND (you’re going to just die) it was raining through the trees, just enough to dampen my hair and shirt. *sigh* I want to relive that over and over…..

    #7 made me laugh, and I nodded vigorously at #17. You rock, new friend. 🙂

    Oh, your comment about beer on my post – YES. A cold Corona (or green Dos xx) on a warm day, with the sun on my shoulders…..omg……after a nice trail run or splash in the ocean……HEAVEN.


    1. Yeah!!! I’m glad you like it. I did put more than two seconds of thought into this list so it does make me warm and fuzzy to know that other can appreciate that.
      “Damn I should’ve put that on my list, too!!!” – I kind of thought the same thing too reading some of the other posts. I was almost tempted to expand past the arbitrary 21 limit just to fit some other things in.
      Oh and kudos to you for the running. I have great respect for anybody who goes out there and gives it the old college try. You certainly don’t need to be good at it by any stretch of the imagination. Cement running sucks. Give me the trail anyday. And in the rain, I’m jealous already. But then again I had a good rainy trail run today myself. Now if I could just do that everyday…
      Yeah again, new friend 🙂 I like that.
      Sweet, sweet beer. Icy Corona with a fat lime wedge after a few hours of running or surfing and I would be in heaven too.

      THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH for stopping by and commenting, this is what makes the writing worth it. I look forward to your further posts.


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