Raincloud and Whirlwind #9

So I came up with this one after a short conversation with Cristina. Seriously, if you haven’t been over to read her stuff you should go check it out right now.



Just kill the cattle, problem solved!

Just kill the cattle, problem solved!


  1. […] frequently. I’ve sort of started trying to include different characters into the comic, which may or may not be representative of other bloggers that I know. Just ask me if you want to be included. […]


  2. […] is bad you should look at some of his drawings as he also does a web comic. Here is latest strip: https://themathmaster.wordpress.com/2014/05/14/raincloud-and-whirlwind-9/ If that’s not enough word and art vomit for you, this sniveling, whining, childish piece is […]


  3. Thanks for the best laugh I’ve had this morning (the first was at my cat socks, why do I still have them?)

    And the lashes! I LOVE them!


    1. Make no apologies for cat socks, because that’s just awesome.

      I’m glad you like the lashes.


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