TOSOD Chapter 18

Everybody was up early and ready for a full day of work. They all had plenty to do. They approached the city walls and were welcomed without any reservation. They went their separate ways and soon Marek and Miranda were headed toward the city center. When they got there they were greeted by two of the city’s council members. They invited them into the council chambers and happily sat to converse with them.

The first council member was named Janeth. She was tall and lean, with wispy brown hair and gaunt cheeks. Her height aside, she seemed frail and moved gingerly. The second council member was Carthis, he was a small man but quite boisterous. Every time he spoke there was an unmistakable chirp in his throat. Though small in stature he could easily be picked out in a crowd. Janeth informed Miranda and Marek that the other council members were going to be arriving soon. While they waited they made small talk.

“So Marek, the last time I saw you we were being plagued by a goblin who was stealing from our market vendors.” Said Janeth.

“Yes I remember quite well. Nasty little bugger. If it hadn’t been for my new sword, I may have been bested by him.” Marek tapped the hilt at his side.

“Well it was only fair that our city blacksmith craft that for you. You did such a good job in determining the goblin’s existence in the first place. It was the least we could do.” Replied Carthis.

“It has served me well ever since then.”

At this point the rest of the council arrived. Marek began to relay what had happened at Freston and at Avaxia. He urged the council to warn all of it citizens to stay off the road to Avaxia. The council members agreed to post a sentry on the path to warn anyone going in that direction. Marek asked if they had heard of any trouble brewing in the land, or if they were having any issues in their own city. They said no to both of the questions. Miranda thanked them for the hospitality and warned them to be on guard of anything suspicious. Marek concluded by letting them know where they were going next. He let them know that if anything came up that they could send a messenger to him and he could come back. The council thanked them and began their city business discussions. Marek and Miranda saw themselves out at that point.

It was lunch time and they decided to head back to camp and wait for the rest of the men to return. It also gave them the chance to have some alone time, which they took full advantage of. They were just getting dressed when the first group of men returned, late in the afternoon. Marek left them to have a just about useless conversation with Razoun about fairies and flowers. Razoun seemed particularly disconnected today and didn’t answer any of Marek’s questions. By the time Marek was done with Razoun the second group of men arrived. That only left Barsheel and Dynast. It was not until the middle of dinner when Dynast and Barsheel made their appearance.

Both were fully cloaked in new and proper magician attire and Dynast had his very own staff, which was very similar to Barsheel’s. Their outfits were oddly similar too.

“I wish to inform everybody that Dynast has sworn himself to me and is officially my apprentice. I expect greatness from him and you should do the same.”

The group took turns congratulating Dynast, and they celebrated that evening. As the festivities wore down Marek gathered the group together to discuss what they had learned today. It turned out not much. Neither group of men had received anything worthwhile. One group did run into a woman who spoke of unrest brewing beyond The Cliffs, but they could hardly take that information seriously since no one had actually ever been there. But the story did pique Marek’s interest since the woman mentioned fairies. Barsheel confided that Dynast’s proximity was indeed increasing his powers, but he was unsure how. In the next city was a well known Light Mage who Barsheel was going to consult on the matter. With that they concluded their evening and all went to bed.


Image Credit: Brand the Wizard by butterfrog

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