I write these words
Because if I don’t
They s
All over the place
No, don’t spill
E X P L O D E ! ! !
Like dynamite
No, like bullets
Into the ears
Of my made up enemies
The shrapnel pierces
Their sense of hearing
Digs into their brains
The damage is mental
The damage physical
As gray bits
Are pushed about
To form new synapses
To make room
For the devastation
My words deliver

You should have let me write
To contain the arms of my lips
They would have been safe
Locked away on the page
Could you hold my crimes against me
If I did everything I could
To keep the thoughts contained
To let them be held inertly
On the page
Where no one could read
Where the villains
Would be in jail
Instead of me.


  1. Ha! I’m not insulted. Glad to see that you are allowing yourself to write freely as an outlet so that you don’t explode! We don’t want anyone exploding. Thanks so much for sharing this on my Friends of BHC site! 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading. And THANK YOU for commenting. I should post more, but I’ll just keep writing for now.


Now that I've insulted you, tell me how you really feel...

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