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So I did a poem the other day. These were made as a result. The original appeared on Medium

The Art of Asking

I have a bone to pick with Amanda Palmer I shouldn’t start that way. Her book is awesome. By the way, you should go buy it. You can do so through one of the indie bookstores she mentions here. You can also buy it through a multitude of other places if that doesn’t suit you. […]

Don’t grow up

So earlier today I came across this. I encourage you to go read it, just bring a box of tissues. The original apparently came from Reddit, you may view it here: Are you back? Are you done crying? I’m not done yet. They lied to you, the adults of the world. They said […]

Don’t Read

Don’t ever start reading. If you’re reading now I encourage you to stop. Those who read tend to get better at it and want to do more of it. It’s an addicting behavior and it will start to control all aspects of your life. There is no such thing as a functioning readaholic. It exercises […]

Running and freedom

Before we get to today’s post I would like to make my plea to you. Please go vote for me. I entered a writing contest and if you would vote for me I would be most appreciative. It’s entered under the name Martin Conterez and you can find the contest here:¬† Now for today’s post. […]