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So I did a poem the other day. These were made as a result. The original appeared on Medium

Black and White

Before we get into the last of the poetry for the month, I wanted to let you all know that for November I’m going to give it a go at NaNoWriMo again. I’m very excited. Much like The Other Side of Darkness I’m going to post the unedited chapters up here. So I hope you […]


Hunting for something more I can smell it I can taste it I reach out for it just out of my grasp I lust for it it teases me I’m back on the trail come to me my sweet my treat my treasure the salt between the folds beckons me my senses aflame I drag […]


My friend we were bonded so close every day every summer the nights spent on the beach at bars sun rises seen together weekends away from school your body weakened we played all the movies your lungs hurt your temperature rose we laughed we cried you died so did I. I remember the Hi ROLLER

Days Past

I miss those days free in water under the curl I rise under the swell the water falls crests over the board lifts you into heaven I am free turn around go back out with the tide back and forth back and forth the ocean spray I breath the thick air I taste the air […]


I read this yesterday, which reminded of my other post, which inspired me to write this.   Her body is hers not yours not his not her lover’s not that representative’s not that senator’s not that person down the street’s not her family’s hers her skin, her hair, her insides, her feelings hers her decisions […]

Shut Up

Inside I’m trapped shackled and chained the links get tighter and tighter my mind suffocates the silence screams like fire in veins the words are empty shut up, shut up, shut up I want quiet but you won’t shut up just leave me alone shut up, shut up, shut up I hate you it’s fine […]


Dabbling babbling the words creep through my mind like so many droplets of water rushing over the rocks in the bed of the creek I want to put my toes in but the water words are cold and rushing past I reach down to grab one and like a fish it wriggles away I dive […]


The beams of light poured in he shaded his eyes peering through his fingers he let the sun creep in at first he was afraid his fingers absorbed the warmth and he felt the beauty caress his skin every one shielded their faces except one he saw her looking up one radiant being absorbing the […]

Teach Me

Training teaching learning these are the things I do these are the things I love pour your knowledge into my mind I will soak it up it will spill out into the world let our minds connect and they will both grow if I give you an idea and you give me an idea then […]