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She was sure that this would be the end of it. When she ripped out his heart, she was sure that it would kill him. It had always worked before. When she was done with a man it was the kindest thing to do. Rather than let him suffer a life without her, why not […]

Tipsy Lit

Great news, in case you didn’t see it yesterday. My short story, The Writer, is over on Tipsy Lit. So go check it out.  

Please Don’t Sue Me DC Comics

“Why don’t we start at the beginning?” “Of course Dr. Crane, it’s always best to start there I suppose.” I was on a trip to the Amazon rain forest when I was just a teenager. This was my graduation gift from my wealthy but distant parents. They insisted that I needed to see the world. […]

Sun Road

This story was based on a prompt that my friend Summer gave me. I was a bit surprised where the story went. I hope you enjoy. The prompt was the photo at the end. I was hiking down the Sun Road, just past the East tunnel. It was a breathtaking day and I was 5 […]