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TOSOD Chapter 19

The next day’s journey was just as uneventful as the last. Marek had another pointless conversation with Razoun. Barsheel was drilling Dynast heavily and making him read volumes of scrolls every chance he could. By this Dynast was kept very quiet. Still the men seemed in good spirits and Marek could feel the love growing […]

TOSOD Chapter 18

Everybody was up early and ready for a full day of work. They all had plenty to do. They approached the city walls and were welcomed without any reservation. They went their separate ways and soon Marek and Miranda were headed toward the city center. When they got there they were greeted by two of […]

TOSOD Chapter 17

Marek sat alone for most of the evening. He pondered where to go next while pretending to study a map of the known world. As the men finished eating and the fire died out Trax asked if Marek needed anything. Marek dismissed him and said that he was fine. Trax knew this to be a […]

TOSOD Chapter 16

In the morning Marek was his usual stern self, and Miranda took her place among the men. Marek reiterated that they would search every building together and that no one would be splitting up for any reason. Trax outlined the path they would be taking. They would weave along the east side of the city […]

TOSOD Chapter 15

Marek awoke and found his men eating breakfast. He and his men ate heartily and made their last goodbyes to the council members. They filled their water jugs and made for the city walls. The city was already starting to come to life again. Some of the citizens had even moved back into their homes. […]

TOSOD Chapter 14

Marek awoke with the sun shining brightly in his eyes. He ate breakfast quickly and set out to gather his men. He ran into Dynast and found himself instantly smiling at the boy. “Dynast, do you still wish to join me and my men.” “Yes, very much so.” “Barsheel has agreed to take charge of […]

TOSOD Chapter 13

Miranda and Marek ate quietly for a long time. They exchanged occasional glances and smiles. They could be seen reaching across the table to play with each other’s fingers and then quickly shy away. They remained enamoured and silent with each other until they were almost done eating. Then Marek spoke. “I want to spend […]

TOSOD Chapter 12

Morning came and Marek rose up with a spark in his step, he showered Miranda awake with kisses. She let the moisture from his lips sink into her cheeks. She was quite energetic herself. They dressed and decided to head toward the hospital area together after some breakfast. Marek stepped outside and almost ran into […]

TOSOD Chapter 11

When they all returned the night was well upon them. Marek immediately went to find Miranda. When he found her, he wasted no time in wrapping his arms around her, squeezing her tightly, and lifting her up ever so slightly.. She laughed and seemed genuinely happy that he was there. He kissed her without embarrassment. When […]

TOSOD Chapter 10

It was Trax who Marek found first again. Trax noted the location of the other men and what they were doing last. Trax had just finished putting out a fire and had saved a family of four from their burning house. Introductions were quickly made and Marek gave them further instructions. “I am glad that […]