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She was sure that this would be the end of it. When she ripped out his heart, she was sure that it would kill him. It had always worked before. When she was done with a man it was the kindest thing to do. Rather than let him suffer a life without her, why not […]

Marathon Man

Marathon Man No this post isn’t about Dustin Hoffman, although wouldn’t it be sweet if it was? If you’re ever at a point in your life where you feel you need to become more humble, I only have one suggestion for you. Try to run a marathon. I don’t mean just go out and run […]

Dear HuffPo… I’m Breaking Up With You

Dear Huffington Post, I’m breaking up with you. I know. You’re great, and we had some fabulous times together. I mean, you never published any of my stuff, but that’s okay. I read your stuff. You gave me more stuff. I clicked your links, I shared your links. Other people read them. It was a […]


So I did a poem the other day. These were made as a result. The original appeared on Medium

Is Mommitment Just For Moms?

What am I doing here? What would a man be doing on a blog about making a #mommitment? Why would I bother supporting such a venture that has nothing to do with me? I’m certainly not a mom. Last I checked I am not a woman. While it’s true I am a father, fathers don’t […]

The Art of Asking

I have a bone to pick with Amanda Palmer I shouldn’t start that way. Her book is awesome. By the way, you should go buy it. You can do so through one of the indie bookstores she mentions here. You can also buy it through a multitude of other places if that doesn’t suit you. […]

Please Don’t Sue Me DC Comics

“Why don’t we start at the beginning?” “Of course Dr. Crane, it’s always best to start there I suppose.” I was on a trip to the Amazon rain forest when I was just a teenager. This was my graduation gift from my wealthy but distant parents. They insisted that I needed to see the world. […]

Sun Road

This story was based on a prompt that my friend Summer gave me. I was a bit surprised where the story went. I hope you enjoy. The prompt was the photo at the end. I was hiking down the Sun Road, just past the East tunnel. It was a breathtaking day and I was 5 […]

Guest Post by colleendreams

Today’s post comes to you via colleendreams. She has a remarkable talent for weaving captivating stories that pull in the reader from the start. Her page may be found here. One of my favorite stories right now is her ongoing work which she has dutifully been posting chapter by chapter on her blog. You may start […]

Blog Tour My Writing Process

Today’s post is part of blog tour, or blog hop if you prefer the term. I was asked to join by Jackie of To Breathe is to Write. If you recall I did a guest post for her about making time for things. Now she has asked me to participate in a blog tour where I […]