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Blog Tour My Writing Process

Today’s post is part of blog tour, or blog hop if you prefer the term. I was asked to join by Jackie of To Breathe is to Write. If you recall I did a guest post for her about making time for things. Now she has asked me to participate in a blog tour where I […]

What’s in a Name

Recently I read No Blog Intended‘s post about why her blog is named as it is. The impetus for such a post came from The Daily Post about choosing the perfect blog name. This article was done by Ben Huberman and highlights Katie Hoffman of Sass & Balderdash. No Blog  Intended then asked how others […]

What Would Richard Simmons Write?

My awesome friend Mary Cain from The Write Way had me do a guest post on her blog. Mary is incredibly talented and was very gracious in asking me to do this spot. I hope you can take the time to head over there and check it out. I attempt to answer the eternal question […]

The Versatile Blogger

The rules are simple. If you are nominated, you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger award.  Thank the person who gave you this award.  Include a link to their blog.  Nominate 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger award —  These can be bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.  Finally, tell the person who nominated […]

To Breath is to Write

I’m coming to you via my new friend Jackie Phillips who has graciously allowed me to be a guest on her blog To Breath is to Write. While checking out today’s post, which you can find here or through the link below, you may wish to check out some of her other stuff. She writes […]

Book 1 Chapter 6

Marek and Miranda awoke to screams that pierced the silence of the night like a sword across the abdomen. They rushed outside only to be reminded very quickly by the cold of the early morning hours that they were not wearing much. It didn’t matter though. The sight before them was chilling to the bone. […]

Book 1 Chapter 5

“So Miranda, before us we have a map of the known world. Shall we go through all of the sections together.” “Of course Marek, always the efficient one I imagine you would prefer to go North to South.” “Once again you prove that you know me too well.” “What of Valeria? Could your supposed evil […]

Chris Brecheen Was Right

Chris Brecheen was right. I’m not saying this in the sense that he was right and I was wrong. I’ve actually agreed with Chris for quite some time. It’s just that I’ve never experienced on any scale to truly understand why he is right. I suppose I ought to give some back story for this […]

I Kick Puppies for Fun

Satire and sarcasm. It seems that not everybody got the joke yesterday. I thought I would be a lot further along in my life as a writer before I had to explain to people what satire is and how to recognize it. Sometimes writers use sarcasm and satire to point out absurdities that they notice. […]

Response to Paul Hudson

Dear Mr. Hudson, I recently read your article The 100 Things Every 20-something Needs to Realize. This is my humble response. Some of these are actually reasonable suggestions. Some of them are just wrong. But I digress… my sometimes tongue-in-cheek responses are in bold. 1. You need a minimum of an hour to get ready […]