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Raincloud and Whirlwind #13

Raincloud and Whirlwind #10

If you haven’t read the writing of Angelle from She Drives a Vegetable Car, I highly encourage you to do so. Because of her post, Gale Force, and the subsequent comment conversation I had with her, I’ve decided to add her as a charachter for my comic. So say hello everybody.  

Raincloud and Whirlwind #5

Raincloud and Whirlwind #4

Response to Paul Hudson

Dear Mr. Hudson, I recently read your article The 100 Things Every 20-something Needs to Realize. This is my humble response. Some of these are actually reasonable suggestions. Some of them are just wrong. But I digress… my sometimes tongue-in-cheek responses are in bold. 1. You need a minimum of an hour to get ready […]

Safe for work, I promise

If you were searching for “nude penisman” and came across my post, I’m sorry you probably didn’t get what you were searching for. As a self-imposed challenge that came about from a post by the hilarious Lucy’s Football, I am writing a post that will use the phrase “nude penisman” as gratuitously as possible. If […]