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TOSOD Chapter 7

As Marek took control of the dragon he looked about to the other two that were reducing the city to rubble. One was flying on the outskirts of the city picking up people and tossing them about like chips at a poker table. The other was releasing fireball after fireball setting buildings ablaze with no […]

Book 1 Chapter 6

Marek and Miranda awoke to screams that pierced the silence of the night like a sword across the abdomen. They rushed outside only to be reminded very quickly by the cold of the early morning hours that they were not wearing much. It didn’t matter though. The sight before them was chilling to the bone. […]

Book 1 Chapter 5

“So Miranda, before us we have a map of the known world. Shall we go through all of the sections together.” “Of course Marek, always the efficient one I imagine you would prefer to go North to South.” “Once again you prove that you know me too well.” “What of Valeria? Could your supposed evil […]

Book 1 Chapter 4

“I doubt there is much you could say to convince me to help you. I didn’t go with you before and I won’t go with you now. Besides my life is here, helping and healing people. People come from as far away as Triton when their loved ones fall ill.” Miranda told Marek how she […]

Book 1 Chapter 3

The city was sprawling. When Marek had entered Freston it seemed dark and lonely. Now it was bustling and vibrant. Having destroyed Slyfer seemed to bring the city back to life. He entered Miranda’s quarters and sat while she brought food to the table. After eating his fill they sat by the fire and talked. […]

Book 1 Chapter 2

When Marek awoke next he had guessed that several days had passed. It was night and the stars were clear in the sky. He was on a makeshift bed between two tents. The tents appeared to be bustling with activity. There was lots of talking and Marek deduced that these were full of patients and […]

Book 1 Chapter 1

Book 1 Chapter 1 “A DARK MAGE, RUN!” Marek knew the futility of his words as he screamed them. Before he could finish his breath he had already started to hear the whispered incantation coming from across the room. He turned back to face his aggressor and check the status of his men. They were […]