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Is Mommitment Just For Moms?

What am I doing here? What would a man be doing on a blog about making a #mommitment? Why would I bother supporting such a venture that has nothing to do with me? I’m certainly not a mom. Last I checked I am not a woman. While it’s true I am a father, fathers don’t […]

Don’t grow up

So earlier today I came across this. I encourage you to go read it, just bring a box of tissues. http://www.tickld.com/feels/t/897828 The original apparently came from Reddit, you may view it here: http://www.reddit.com/r/WritingPrompts/comments/25gtsw/eu_in_the_final_minutes_of_his_life_calvin_has/ Are you back? Are you done crying? I’m not done yet. They lied to you, the adults of the world. They said […]

Fatherhood or something like it…

That’s twice that it’s happened now. TWICE! It’s really starting to annoy me. The first time I could just pass it off as some idiot who didn’t know any better. The second time, I’m really starting to wonder what is wrong with society. Is it just me? Am I the weird one, that complete strangers […]