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Marathon Man

Marathon Man No this post isn’t about Dustin Hoffman, although wouldn’t it be sweet if it was? If you’re ever at a point in your life where you feel you need to become more humble, I only have one suggestion for you. Try to run a marathon. I don’t mean just go out and run […]

Bad Decision

I may have made a bad decision. To be honest it started with another bad decision, which really came about because of another bad decision. Really, if I think back, everything has just been the horrible result of a series of bad decisions starting with the decision to slide out of the birth canal and […]

What’s in a Name

Recently I read No Blog Intended‘s post about why her blog is named as it is. The impetus for such a post came from The Daily Post about choosing the perfect blog name. This article was done by Ben Huberman and highlights Katie Hoffman of Sass & Balderdash. No Blog  Intended then asked how others […]

Cherry Blossom 10 Mile

So before we get to today’s post I wanted to let you all know that my awesome friend and blogger Ericka Clay, who runs Tipsy Lit, has seen fit to glitter my blog up. As part of her weekly Glittered by Ericka contest I submitted this post, and much to my surprise, it won. There […]

Maybe I’m the crazy one…

When I got up yesterday it was 5 degrees out. That’s Farenheit, the Celsius conversion is -15 in case you’re wondering. I packed the extra warm gear for running because I thought, “Just in case”. By the time I got to work it was a balmy 8 F. The outlook was not good. When lunch […]

Running and freedom

Before we get to today’s post I would like to make my plea to you. Please go vote for me. I entered a writing contest and if you would vote for me I would be most appreciative. It’s entered under the name Martin Conterez and you can find the contest here: http://awritersgallery.wordpress.com/category/oct-2013-challenge/ Now for today’s post. […]