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She was sure that this would be the end of it. When she ripped out his heart, she was sure that it would kill him. It had always worked before. When she was done with a man it was the kindest thing to do. Rather than let him suffer a life without her, why not […]

Guest Post by colleendreams

Today’s post comes to you via¬†colleendreams. She has a remarkable talent for weaving captivating stories that pull in the reader from the start. Her page may be found here. One of my favorite stories right now is her ongoing work which she has dutifully been posting chapter by chapter on her blog. You may start […]


Back in October I did a contest based on a prompt. I didn’t win the contest but I did enjoy writing the story and I got to know some pretty cool writers out of it. Today I am sharing the story I wrote. ¬†The story remains untitled. They took his wife and children. The children […]

The Artifact

Sold to the lady with the lovely eyes…. credit – Cold Colors by Neil Gaiman They were smokey, her eyes. They hinted, as if they knew what they just purchased. As if they knew the secrets of the just surfaced artifact. Her eyes were perceptive. They pierced through every buyer in the room, especially the […]