Book 1 Chapter 6

Marek and Miranda awoke to screams that pierced the silence of the night like a sword across the abdomen. They rushed outside only to be reminded very quickly by the cold of the early morning hours that they were not wearing much. It didn’t matter though. The sight before them was chilling to the bone. There were dragons, three of them, attacking the city with all due impunity. The screams were coming from the people trying to escape the destruction. Marek dashed back inside. He dressed as much as needed. He then grabbed his belt and sword.

“Miranda, take cover. I must go and find my men and find a way to stop these dragons.”

“I will do nothing of the sort. There will be many injured, I must go to hospital.”

Marek nodded and grabbed the nearest horses.

“Be safe. I will find you after this is over.”

“Do not do anything stupid.”

Marek smiled and after he saw Miranda off he jumped on his own horse and headed toward the highest building in the city. Along the way he found some of his men. He directed them to get as many people as possible to the underground safe havens that littered the city. Many cities built bunkers overtime that could house large populations for weeks at a time if need be. They were useful in times of battle or attack from the creatures of land. He was almost upon the building he was seeking when he came across a young magician. The magician was trying to cast a feeble spell that would create a weak dome over the city. The spell was not going well, from Marek’s point of view.

“Come magician. Your attempts are not going to work. Even if you succeeded in your spell, dragons are magical creature and would easily break any barrier you could erect. I have an idea that may save us yet and I could use your help.”

A fireball exploded near them and sent pieces of a nearby building all around them. The backdraft from the fireball knocked magician off his feet. As Marek extended his hand that was all the convincing the young magician needed. Marek made his way to the top of the building that he rode to. He turned to the magician and told him his plan.

“You’re mad. You will surely die.”

“I suppose you have a better plan. If I do nothing we will all perish and this city will be reduced to ashes. Is that what you want?”

The magician stared blankly and then shook his head.

“Then do as I say.”

“I don’t know if I can attract one of them close enough.”

“You must do what you can.”

The magician closed his eyes and raised his staff. There was a charge of electricity in the air as the magician made several incantations under his breath. Bright bolts seemed to crackle around him and were condensing around his staff. As quickly as they collected they shot out suddenly in a huge winding burst. Marek was trying to make out what the magician intended when he suddenly realized what was happening. The streaking bolts hit the largest of the dragons directly in the chest. There were sparks everywhere. The dragon roared in anger. He turned his head to see his attacker. He roared again and shook the very building upon which they stood. The magician cowered in fear. Marek stood tall and awaited his fate.

“I don’t think you hurt him in the least.”

“I wa…wa…wa…wasn’t trying to hurt him, I doubt that I could. You needed him to get close you said. The only thing I could try to do was get him angry enough to get him in close.”

“Aye, it seems your plan worked, the dragon approaches at full speed with blood in his eyes.”

“I pray that your plan works then. May I take cover now?”

“Yes, thank you for your help.”

The magician parted with the speed of a cheetah. Marek prepared his grappling hook. He started swinging his hook. He knew he only had one chance. As the dragon was swooping in Marek could see the fire forming in the beast’s mouth. He saw the deep red boiling in the dragon’s eyes and he loosed his hook. It found the neck of the reptile and caught immediately. He held the rope with all his might and jumped in to the cold night air. As he was drug off by the winged creature he could see where the fireball hit, right at the top of the building. The spire and platform at the top exploded in total wreckage. It was practically melted and evaporated from the heat. Marek hoped that the magician was far enough into the building to be safe.

The dragon did his best to shake the stowaway that was climbing to his back. There was a close call with several buildings but Marek made his way to the base of its neck. He secured himself so that he would not fall if the dragon decided to do anymore spins or throw him off by any other method. He reached into his belt and pulled out a sharp crystal shard. He tied the shard to the tip of his sword and raised it above his head. The dragon did a diving spin to try and shake Marek. The dragon followed this maneuver with a sharp climb. Marek brought down the sword and drove the crystal deep into the flesh of his new found ride.

He immediately spoke the incantation taught to him by the light mage who gave him the crystal. The dragon cried out in agony a spewed fire in every direction. Marek took control of the dragon’s mind with the aid of the magic crystal. He could feel the heat of the fire that raged in the dragon’s belly. He felt it in his mind and in his body. But he had control and he was going to use it, even if it cost him his life.



Image Credit: christopherburdett

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